A fleet of modern buses is available for school transport. The facility can be availed at reasonable rates.Admission to the schools does not guarantee availability of school transport facility.Transport facility will be provided as per the availability of the seats.No request for diversion or change in the existing routes or creation of new stops will be entertained.

Computer Lab

New Edge School has well-equipped Computer labs for three different sections. Professionally qualified computer teachers run these labs. Each lab has Dell -all in one pc,so the pre-primary lab has 37 computers while the primary and middle section has 40 machines. Hence each child gets access to the computer during his computer session.


Our libraries have a wide variety of books and journals. They serve as a storehouse of information related to textbooks and beyond. The primary purpose is to inculcate reading habit amongst students.An array of reading activities are conducted in the school. Students have a library period every week, and a book is issued to each student.

Seience Lab

Learning through experiments is the best way to learn science. New Edge For Children has very well facilitated Biology, Chemistry, and Physics labs. Science Lab in School Students and teachers use these labs regularly to have more in-depth knowledge and understanding of their relevant subjects. Every year these laboratories are updated.

Games & Sports

School has good sport’s facilities which include indoor and outdoor games providing opportunities for the spirit of sportsmanship. Sports and games curriculum is an integral and compulsory part of the education process. Sports help to build character and teach the importance of discipline in life. It inculcates a respect for rules and allows the participants to learn the value to self control.

Art & Craft

Arts and crafts describes a wide variety of activities involving making things with one's own hands. Arts and crafts is usually a hobby. Some crafts (art skills) have been practised since preshistoric times, others are more recent inventions. Making art is a great, safe way to discover that it's okay to make mistakes and that getting things 'wrong' can lead you to a whole new idea.